At 3D Eye we combine design and project management skills with workshop construction to provide a complete service of production for industries. Here are some of the services that we can provide.

LSQ Laurel & Hardy Sculpture on building V2

Technical Drawings and Visualisations

Technical drawings are produced on CAD softwares in either 2D and 3D depending on the needs of the client. We are happy to also produce Photoshop renders to aid presentations and decision making, bringing a concept to life.


Project Management

With over 25 years of experience in project management,  3D Eye strives to always deliver projects within budget and on time no matter the size or scale. We use a mix of programming and experience to plan and execute from concept to installation.



Throughout the years we have developed a team of extremely talented and specialised sculptors. We can work with a range of materials from polystyrene, to clay to metal that allow us to produce amazing and unique work.


Mould Making and Laminating

Within our workshop we have a large GRP (glass reinforced plastics) department which plays a huge role within our company. They facilitate all areas of work and produce anything from one offs to production runs into the hundreds. Size is not an issue from miniature to casting 6 metre high sculptures


Painting and Spray Finishing

Our art department can create the most amazing range of effects and painting styles from theatrically bold to photo realistic. We also have a spray shop on site which delivers high end spray finishes and spray effects.



The team of carpenters at 3D Eye are extremely skilled and specialise in the unusual and challenging, from scenic sets, to one of a kind shop fits. The example above displays a project that was primarily carpentry led.


Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication team can handle both structural steel work, as well as the decorative and delicate. Many of our public events and trails require us to consult with Structural Engineers,  so we are experienced in ensuring we deliver all our work safely and to standard. 


3D Printing

We have two Cubicon 3D printers which we use to produce models or specialist objects to add that finishing touch to a lot of our creations. These machines are extremely practical in producing small complex designs that otherwise would be extremely hard to reproduce. 


Specialist Finishes

As well as the general production processes we also offer specialised finishes such as gold leafing, upholstery, sewing, costumes, dressing, sign writing, glittering, jewel application, prop manufacturing and many more.